How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove bats without trapping them

Every homeowner does not want Virginia bats inside his or her property. These animals can leave guano and droppings which many people do not want to deal with. They can also bite when they feel threatened and they are vile looking creatures.

Another factor that most homeowners consider is the diseases that bats carry. If a person comes in contact with them in their attics, it is more than likely that they can be bringers of unknown diseases. These should not be tolerated by anyone in the home. The best course is to get rid of the bats without killing them.

How to Get Rid of Bats
There are many ways on getting rid Virginia Beach bats in your attic or home. The first thing that you should do is to track the location of the bats if you suspect that they formed a colony inside your home. If they are inside your attic, the chimney or roof might be the culprit. If they are located inside your house’s walls, they might be because of a siding crack, loose boards, or holes made by other pests.

Use One Way Funnel
The one-way exclusion funnel can help you get rid of Virginia Beach bats in no time. If you set the trap correctly, you won’t need to come in contact with them. The funnel is the cheapest and most effective way when getting rid of bats in your home.

You have to get rid of extra holes that serve as entrances to bats. The funnel will be useless if you were not able to get rid of other entry points around your house. Investigate carefully and block the entrances which you suspect to be used by pests upon entering your house.

Exclusion funnels work as an exit only in houses. You can drive the bats out of the funnel and they will be having difficulty in getting back. They can easily go out of the screen wires but it’s difficult t get back in. This is because of the wires that are too narrow when the pests come from the outside.

This is a humane way of getting rid of the bats that are invading your property. You don’t have to kill the bats. You are just basically providing them an exit point and letting them go. However, they will find that they won’t be able to go back to your house afterwards.

The one-way funnel is commonly installed by professionals. They first put a screen on possible entrance points. They will drill a hole where they can put the funnel. They will drive the bats to the exit point. The bats won’t be able to get into your attic again.

As mentioned the funnel will only work if all the entry points in your house are sealed shut except for one. You can contact a professional for more information. They can install it for you and they know how to get rid of bats properly without harming them.

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