How to find and remove a dead squirrel in a house

Virginia Beach squirrels like to find the most undisturbed places in the house to hide in and live. This most of the times happen to be in the attic, unused rooms and sometimes in the walls. These squirrels may not be such a health risk when they are alive save for the other pests that they can drag into your home on their fur like the mites, ticks and sometimes fleas. However, dead squirrels are a whole different ball game on its own. This is because a carcass brings on a lot more risks to human health and can easily cause more dangerous diseases.

One of the quickest ways in which you will know that a Virginia squirrel has died in your home will be the unpleasant nasty smell from the rotting carcass that should immediately get your attention. Following the smell will probably lead you to find out where exactly the squirrel died at. Alternatively, you should call in professionals as soon as you smell the rot. This is especially because you may want to stay safely away from the potential hazard. Finding the dead squirrel yourself may open you up to all the risks that come with the rotting carcass.

Once the professionals come in, they will be able to find the carcass all the while wearing the correct protective gear to protect themselves from being exposed to the animal. The only situation that is worse than having a dead squirrel in the home is having a dead squirrel in a hard to reach place like within the walls. This may just require you to tear down a wall to get to it and finally dispose of the body. This kind of tedious procedures coupled with some sanitation requirements will force the contraction on professional services.

However, if the Virginia Beach squirrel dies in a place that is easily accessible and as a person you have no major concerns about handling it, you may go on to take safety measures and dispose of it. These measures include getting very heavy gloves to wear when removing the carcass and a nose mask to protect you from the pungent smell of their rotting carcass. Sealing the carcass in a biodegradable bag and burying it deep in the soil will be a safe thing to do.

Cleaning the area where the squirrel died thoroughly with some bleach will also help to keep any infectious leftovers from coming in contact with people or even pets who might then transfer them to people. The heavy gloves should also be disposed of immediately. Cleaning the clothes that were worn while taking out the carcass thoroughly and disinfecting everything that may have been in direct or indirect contact with the carcass will also be advisable.

Avoiding the whole mess that is cleaning up a dead squirrel carcass is the only best way to be sure to stay away from such potentially harmful situations. Putting in measures to prevent the squirrels from coming into your home in the first place will be your best course of action.

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