How to Get Rid of Skunk in Your House

Wild Virginia Beach skunks can cause serious problems once they choose to live within your property. They will start digging holes when looking for food and creating dens. They can also rummage our trashcans that will make our place appear unsanitary. The musk that they will leave behind can be nauseating. If you are planning to get rid of the skunk in your house, you will have to be careful of their spray.

4 Ways to Get Rid of Virginia Skunk in Your House
Identifying Virginia Beach skunk problem is the first step of the elimination process. The first sign of the problem would be the shallow holes in your yard. This is an indication that the skunk is hunting insects. Your nose will also catch a hint of their musk. The droppings that they will leave behind is also a sign of their presence.

1. Remove their Sources of Food
The skunks are visiting your house since it offers them an accessible food source. Scavengers such as skunks will eat any sustenance that will provide them with energy and nutrients. If you have a fruit-bearing tree close to your house, be sure to harvest the fruits in advance. Make it a habit to clear the fallen fruits to avoid attracting the attention of the skunk. If you have a bird feeder, you may want to remove it temporarily or you can put baffle on the bird feeder. Be sure that your garbage bin will be secured. Cover your compost bin to prevent the skunks from collecting any items that are composting.

2. Remove their Hiding Grounds
The skunks prefer to hide under our porch or decks. They can also use the piles of woods and rocks to conceal their presence. You will need to remove their access from their possible hiding grounds. The piles of lumber or any construction materials can be used by the skunk as their shelter. You should store these materials in your shed instead of leaving it on the ground. The bushes are also excellent place for the skunk. It is time to trim the branches to make this place less appealing to the skunk.

3. Using Deterrents
This will not be a long-term solution, but it will give you enough time to look for a more permanent solution. For instance, using loud sounds can scare them away temporarily. Once they noticed that there are no signs of danger, they will still return to your place. Light can also startle this creature. You can choose to install a motion-activated sprinkler. However, the skunk will soon find a way to evade the reach of the sprinkler.

4. Using Traps
When trapping the skunk, it is advisable to use the humane traps that will cause the minimum amount of pain and suffering. You may have to use a good bait to attract them and encourage them to interact with the trap. Place it close to the den of the skunk or within their path. Be careful when releasing the skunk since it can still use its obnoxious spray.

Finally, if you are not confident in handling the skunk, let the wildlife control professionals deal with it. They are equipped with the right knowledge and equipment to manage the infestation of skunk.

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